Database Architecture, Scale, and NoSQL with Elasticsearch

Database Architecture, Scale, and NoSQL with Elasticsearch

Provider: University of Michigan

This course dives deep into the evolution of database systems, emphasizing the transition from SQL to NoSQL and the pivotal role of Elasticsearch in today’s data-driven world.

The journey begins with a fundamental question: To SQL or to NoSQL?

This discussion lays the groundwork for understanding database scaling challenges and solutions.

Unique to this course are the office hours held in global tech hubs, from Breda in the Netherlands to Phoenix, Arizona, offering you interactive learning opportunities.

You’ll engage in critical thinking through mini-papers on scaling relational databases and the ACID versus BASE architectures debate, enhancing your analytical skills.

The curriculum also navigates through the development of cloud applications and the emergence of NoSQL, setting the stage for a deep dive into Elasticsearch.

The Elasticsearch modules are comprehensive, covering everything from an overview of this search and analytics engine to programming tutorials.

You’ll get hands-on experience by loading various types of data into Elasticsearch, making the learning process both practical and immersive.

Additionally, the course incorporates engaging video content, including insights from industry leaders like Marissa Mayer and Matt Cutts, and a behind-the-scenes look at Google’s Container Data Center.

These resources make complex topics approachable and engaging.

By completing this course, you’ll gain a robust understanding of database architectures, master the intricacies of NoSQL and Elasticsearch, and acquire practical skills for handling real-world data challenges.