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Meta React Native Specialization

Meta React Native Specialization

This specialization by Meta (formerly Facebook) is designed to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in the mobile app development space.

The journey begins with “Introduction to Mobile Development,” where you’ll get a clear picture of a mobile developer’s role.

You’ll start with the essentials, HTML and CSS, and quickly move on to the exciting realm of cross-platform apps with React Native.

This course sets a strong foundation, essential for what’s to come.

As you progress to “Programming with JavaScript,” you’ll delve deeper into the language that’s essential for web and mobile app interactivity.

You’ll tackle practical exercises that will solidify your understanding of JavaScript fundamentals, and you’ll learn how to test your code effectively using Jest, ensuring your applications run smoothly.

In “Version Control,” collaboration becomes the focus.

You’ll learn how to use Git and GitHub, tools that are indispensable for working in teams and managing code changes.

This course is crucial for understanding the workflows that keep large-scale projects organized and running efficiently.

“React Basics” is where you start building.

You’ll explore React’s component-based architecture, learning to create interfaces that update dynamically and respond to user input.

This course is about making your apps intuitive and engaging, a skill that’s highly valued in the industry.

With “React Native,” you’ll apply your React knowledge to mobile app development.

You’ll practice building components, managing state, and navigating between screens.

This course is key to understanding how to leverage React’s capabilities to create apps that feel native to both Android and iOS platforms.

“Working with Data” shifts your focus to the backend, teaching you how to handle data within your React Native applications.

You’ll learn about REST APIs, SQL, and data storage solutions like AsyncStorage and SQLite.

This course ensures your apps are not just visually appealing but also robust and data-driven.

The “Principles of UX/UI Design” course is where design meets function.

You’ll learn to create user-centric designs, understanding the importance of empathy in UX research and the practicalities of UI design with tools like Figma.

This course is about ensuring your apps are not only functional but also enjoyable to use.

Finally, the “Capstone (React App)” is where everything you’ve learned comes together.

You’ll take on a real-world project, applying your skills to build an app from the ground up.

This is your opportunity to create a portfolio piece that demonstrates your comprehensive understanding of mobile app development.

If you’re serious about becoming a mobile developer, this specialization is a great place to start.

Frontend Development using React Specialization

Frontend Development using React Specialization

This specialization is a comprehensive path to becoming proficient in React JS, offering a blend of foundational knowledge and advanced techniques.

The journey begins with “Introduction to building Web Pages using HTML5 and CSS3,” where you’ll grasp the fundamentals of structuring and styling web pages.

It’s the foundation you need to create content that’s both visually appealing and accessible.

As mobile browsing dominates, “Developing Responsive Web Pages Using HTML5 and CSS3” ensures your designs look great on any device.

You’ll learn to use modern CSS and Bootstrap to craft responsive layouts that adapt seamlessly to different screens.

Interactive elements are crucial for user engagement, and “Building Interactive Web Pages Using Modern JavaScript” equips you with JavaScript skills to animate and enliven your web pages.

This course is your stepping stone to creating dynamic content that captivates users.

React’s power comes to the forefront in “Building Interactive User Interfaces Using React Library.”

Here, you’ll delve into Single Page Applications (SPAs) and React Class components, learning to build fast, responsive, and navigable user interfaces.

“Building User Interfaces Using Functional React Components” introduces a modern approach with functional components and React Hooks.

This course focuses on enhancing code readability and reusability, ensuring your applications are efficient and maintainable.

In “Building High Quality User Experience Using Material UI,” you’ll discover how to leverage Material UI and CSS-in-JS to design visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces.

This course is all about elevating the aesthetic and functional quality of your applications.

“Building Navigational Workflows Using React” tackles the intricacies of form creation and navigation within your applications.

You’ll get hands-on with React forms, Formik, and React Router, learning to build intuitive and complex workflows.

The “Capstone Project” is where you apply your newfound knowledge to a practical challenge, synthesizing the skills you’ve developed to produce a project that adheres to professional standards.

Build Website with HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React Specialization

Build Website with HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React Specialization

Starting with “Build a Webpage with HTML and CSS,” you’ll grasp the essentials of web structure using HTML and enhance visual appeal with CSS.

The course simplifies complex concepts, ensuring you understand how to structure content and style web pages effectively.

Bootstrap training is included, equipping you with the skills to create responsive designs that adapt to different devices.

Moving on to “JavaScript for Web Development,” you’ll delve into the language that adds interactivity to websites.

The course covers everything from JavaScript basics to the Document Object Model (DOM), enabling you to manipulate web pages in real-time.

You’ll also learn jQuery, which simplifies code and accelerates development, allowing you to implement dynamic features with ease.

The final course, “Libraries and Frameworks for Frontend Development,” introduces you to the powerhouses of modern web development: React and Angular.

You’ll explore React’s efficient UI design and Angular’s scalable application structure.

The course culminates in a project that combines these technologies, showcasing how they can work together to create sophisticated web applications.

By the end of the specialization, you’ll have a solid foundation in web development, equipped with the skills to build responsive, interactive websites.

Building React and ASP.NET MVC 5 Applications Specialization

Building React and ASP.NET MVC 5 Applications Specialization

This specialization is tailored to equip you with the skills to craft dynamic web applications using both React and ASP.NET.

The journey begins with “ASP.NET Core Foundation,” a course that lays the groundwork for web development.

You’ll delve into the essentials of the ASP.NET framework, learning about routing, validation, and authentication—key components for creating secure, scalable web applications.

It’s not just theory; you’ll gain practical knowledge of C# programming and the .NET framework, setting a solid foundation for application development.

Moving on to “React Fundamentals,” this course demystifies the core concepts of React, the go-to JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

You’ll master the creation of React components, managing state, and handling events.

This course is designed to be accessible whether you’re new to React or looking to solidify your existing skills.

The capstone of the specialization, “Building React Application using ASP.NET MVC5,” merges the strengths of React JS with ASP.NET MVC5.

This advanced course is perfect for those with a background in web development, focusing on integrating React into ASP.NET MVC5 applications for enhanced performance through server-side rendering and efficient routing.

Each course is rich with practical examples and real-world applications, taught by industry experts.