SAP Technology Consultant Professional Certificate

SAP Technology Consultant  Professional Certificate

The journey begins with “SAP Professional Fundamentals,” where you’ll get acquainted with the SAP ecosystem and the diverse roles within it.

This course emphasizes the blend of technical know-how and soft skills essential for a consultant, covering methodologies like Agile and DevOps, and setting the stage for the entire SAP lifecycle.

As you progress to “Understanding the Enterprise Systems Environment,” your knowledge expands to the digital infrastructure that underpins SAP solutions.

You’ll delve into system design, cloud strategy, and SAP’s development models such as ABAP and Fiori, ensuring you can align IT solutions with business processes.

In “SAP Customer Engagement and Discovery,” the focus shifts to the SAP Activate methodology, teaching you to effectively engage with clients and map out their transformation objectives.

This course hones your ability to conduct discovery workshops and articulate the value of SAP solutions to stakeholders.

“Designing an SAP Solution” immerses you in the implementation lifecycle, equipping you with the skills to identify business needs, bridge technical gaps, and craft tailored SAP solutions.

It’s a deep dive into the practical aspects of solution design and client presentations.

The “Implementing an SAP Solution” course is where theory meets practice.

You’ll engage in the hands-on aspects of SAP projects, from setting up test environments to documenting post-implementation reviews, ensuring you’re prepared for real-world challenges.

The capstone, “SAP Technology Consultant Hands-on Project,” is your opportunity to apply your cumulative knowledge to a practical challenge, simulating a full SAP project cycle and reinforcing your learning with tangible experience.

Finally, “Becoming an SAP Professional” rounds out your education, guiding you through career planning, job market navigation, and personal branding.

This course is about leveraging your new skills to launch or advance your career in the SAP field.

Deploying SAP on Google Cloud

Deploying SAP on Google Cloud

The “Deploying SAP on Google Cloud” course is a comprehensive guide that stands out for its practical approach to learning.

The course dives into the essentials of Google Cloud’s network and security, laying a strong foundation for your SAP deployment.

You’ll gain insights into automation and the services that streamline SAP migration, emphasizing efficiency and innovation.

Technical guidelines are at the heart of this course.

It covers SAP architectures, sizing, and instance selection, equipping you with the knowledge to optimize performance and cost.

Storage considerations are also addressed, detailing how to manage data effectively within your SAP environment.

High availability strategies are thoroughly explored, teaching you how to maintain resilience at the infrastructure, database, and application levels.

This is critical for minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuous operation.

Disaster recovery is not overlooked, with the course providing strategies for backup and recovery to safeguard against data loss.

For those with specialized needs, it also introduces SAP on Bare Metal Solution, catering to workloads that demand non-virtualized resources.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid grasp of deploying and managing SAP on Google Cloud, ready to make informed decisions and leverage Google Cloud’s capabilities to the fullest.

If SAP deployment on Google Cloud is your goal, this course is a valuable resource to get you there efficiently.

Exam Prep AZ-120: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty

Exam Prep AZ-120: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty

This course is designed to prepare you for the AZ-120 exam and to enhance your professional skill set in the Azure and SAP domains.

It begins with a solid introduction, setting the stage for a comprehensive journey through Azure’s capabilities for SAP.

You’ll gain insights from customer success stories and learn about the strategic partnership between Microsoft and SAP, which is crucial in today’s tech landscape.

Diving into the technical aspects, the syllabus covers Azure VMs certified for SAP HANA and SAP HANA Large Instances, key components for managing heavy-duty SAP workloads.

The SAP Cloud Appliance Library is also featured, demonstrating how to expedite SAP projects.

Beyond SAP HANA, the course addresses the integration of non-NetWeaver SAP products with Azure, broadening your expertise.

Regular week reviews help reinforce your understanding of the material covered.

As the course progresses, you’ll explore SAP NetWeaver, SAP S4 HANA, and Azure Site Recovery, all critical for maintaining robust SAP environments.

The curriculum includes practical exercises like performance benchmark tests and detailed sections on networking for SAP workloads, ensuring you can apply what you learn.

Migration strategies and implementation techniques are thoroughly discussed, including SAP NetWeaver Instance Implementations and automating SAP deployments in Azure.

You’ll also delve into security with Azure AD-based authentication and learn to manage network traffic with load balancers.

The final modules focus on operational excellence, covering Azure Backups, patch management, and disaster recovery.

You’ll also discover cost-saving strategies and best practices for monitoring and scaling Azure VMs.