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Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization

Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization

This suite of courses is tailored to equip you with the communication skills needed for success in today’s global market.

Dive into “Write Professional Emails in English” to master the art of crafting impactful emails.

This course goes beyond basic grammar, focusing on how to create compelling subject lines, maintain the appropriate tone, and navigate cultural nuances in business communication.

By the end, you’ll be adept at writing emails that command attention and respect.

In “Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On the Phone,” you’ll elevate your spoken English to new heights.

From making strong personal introductions to excelling in group discussions and phone etiquette, this course hones your verbal skills for any setting.

You’ll also learn to adapt your body language for cross-cultural interactions, ensuring your message is always clear and effective.

“Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English” teaches you to distinguish yourself in the digital landscape.

You’ll learn to create an ePortfolio that showcases your talents and experiences, and discover how to leverage it across social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter for networking and career advancement.

The capstone course, “Take Your English Communication Skills to the Next Level,” integrates all the skills you’ve learned.

It offers a deeper exploration of cultural communication, email refinement, and advanced speaking techniques.

You’ll emerge with the ability to present yourself and your ideas with precision and persuasiveness.

Each course is designed with practical quizzes, peer evaluations, and hands-on tasks to ensure active learning and application.

Business English Communication Skills Specialization

Business English Communication Skills Specialization

Each course in this specialization is tailored to a specific aspect of business interaction, ensuring comprehensive coverage of essential skills.

In “Business English: Networking,” you’ll gain the vocabulary and etiquette necessary for effective socializing in professional settings.

The course includes a proficiency test to ensure it matches your level, and you’ll practice crafting emails that strike the right tone, whether formal or informal.

Moving on to “Business English: Meetings,” this course equips you with the phrases and strategies for active meeting participation.

You’ll learn to arrange meetings, articulate numbers and data clearly, and write proposals that capture attention and detail your ideas succinctly.

For those involved in deal-making, “Business English: Planning & Negotiating” offers insights into the language of negotiation.

You’ll engage in planning a business event, honing your ability to compare services, resolve issues, and announce your plans with clarity and impact.

“Business English: Making Presentations” is ideal if your role requires persuasive speaking.

This course focuses on structuring presentations, utilizing visuals, and employing persuasive language to make your case compellingly and coherently.

The “Business English: Capstone Project” is the culmination of the specialization, where you’ll apply everything learned by writing and presenting a mini business plan.

This final project demonstrates your ability to use appropriate business language across various communication formats.

Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization

Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization

If you are a non-native English speaker like me, this specialization is designed to help you communicate with clarity and confidence in the business world.

Start with “Business English: Basics” to build a strong foundation.

You’ll learn to articulate business concepts clearly, tailor your requests effectively, and construct solid arguments.

This course goes beyond vocabulary, focusing on tone, style, and audience analysis to ensure your message hits the mark every time.

Move on to “English for Effective Business Writing,” where you’ll hone your ability to craft compelling emails, executive summaries, and other business documents.

This course teaches you to adjust your writing to different contexts and audiences, ensuring your words carry the intended impact.

In “English for Effective Business Speaking,” you’ll develop your verbal communication skills.

From nailing job interviews to delivering persuasive pitches and presentations, this course prepares you to speak with confidence and authority in any business scenario.

“Business English for Cross-cultural Communication” addresses the complexities of international business dealings.

You’ll explore cross-cultural theories and apply them to enhance your communication, ensuring you can connect and collaborate effectively with global colleagues.

Your journey culminates with the “Business Case Analysis” Capstone project, where you’ll apply everything you’ve learned.

Analyze a real business case and present your findings through a video presentation and a detailed report, showcasing your ability to communicate professionally in English.

Business English Specialization

Business English Specialization

Starting with “Business English: Management and Leadership,” you’ll gain practical skills for leading a team.

This course equips you with the essentials of team building, meeting management, and crafting clear emails.

You’ll engage with a global community, exchanging experiences and receiving feedback that refines your communication style.

For finance professionals, “Business English: Finance and Economics” is tailored to your needs.

It focuses on the language of finance, teaching you to craft effective emails, reports, and presentations under pressure.

You’ll learn the vocabulary that resonates in the financial world and apply it in real-time discussions with peers.

“Business English: Marketing and Sales” is ideal if you’re involved in the persuasive world of marketing.

You’ll develop the ability to convey marketing concepts and campaigns in English, with immediate input from fellow marketers.

This course isn’t just about learning; it’s about actively improving your ability to influence and sell.

The capstone, “Business English: Final Project,” is where theory meets practice.

You’ll create a comprehensive plan for a product launch, integrating all the skills you’ve acquired.

This tangible project can serve as a portfolio piece, demonstrating your Business English proficiency to employers.

Each course is designed to build specific skills—communication, writing, management, finance, and marketing—making the specialization a comprehensive toolkit for business professionals.

Learn English: Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening Specialization

Learn English: Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening Specialization

This specialization is designed to elevate your academic English skills, if you’re aiming to pursue higher education or advance your career in academia.

It’s structured to build your confidence in note-taking, presenting, and engaging in discussions.

The “Academic Listening and Note-Taking” course equips you with the skills to follow complex discussions and capture key information effectively.

It’s ideal if you’re aiming to grasp every detail in business meetings or lectures.

The course offers practical techniques for note-taking and engaging in academic conversations, with free access to instructional videos and handouts.

For those who dread public speaking, “Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen” is a lifesaver.

It focuses on crafting and delivering presentations that resonate with your audience.

You’ll learn to structure your speech, make an impact, and communicate with clarity.

The course encourages hands-on learning by having you record and receive feedback on your presentations.

In “Academic Discussions in English,” you’ll hone your conversational skills for professional settings.

This course teaches you to navigate various types of discussions, understand others’ perspectives, and articulate your thoughts with precision.

Practice comes from recording your own discussions, a practical approach to refining your dialogue abilities.

The capstone, “Advanced Speaking and Listening Project,” synthesizes all the skills from the previous courses.

You’ll research a topic, interview experts, and create a compelling presentation complete with visuals.

This project simulates a real-world presentation, enhancing both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

English Language Skills A2-B1 CEFR: Low-Intermediate Specialization

English Language Skills A2-B1 CEFR: Low-Intermediate Specialization

This set of courses is designed to elevate your language proficiency in practical, everyday contexts.

Starting with “Low Intermediate English: Meet & Greet,” you’ll learn to initiate and sustain conversations in English, a fundamental skill for networking and building professional relationships.

You’ll practice asking insightful questions and discussing your job, equipping you with the conversational tools needed for real-world interactions.

In “Low Intermediate English: Calls & Messaging,” you’ll tackle the essentials of modern communication.

This course empowers you to confidently handle phone calls, craft professional emails, and navigate social media, ensuring you’re never at a loss for words whether you’re texting a friend or contacting a colleague.

“Low Intermediate English: Help & Information” focuses on the language of assistance and direction.

You’ll become adept at asking for help, giving directions, and sharing opinions, enhancing your ability to exchange information effectively.

For those who value organization, “Low Intermediate English: Planning & Organization” offers the language skills to manage your schedule and coordinate with others.

From making reservations to setting up meetings, you’ll learn to articulate plans clearly and efficiently.

Shopping and customer service scenarios are demystified in “Low Intermediate English: Shopping & Customer Service.”

This course equips you to describe shopping habits, review purchases, and handle customer interactions with poise.

With technology being central to modern business, “Low Intermediate English: Technology” prepares you to discuss the digital tools you use daily.

You’ll gain the vocabulary to describe tech features, troubleshoot issues, and share advice on productive tech usage.

Lastly, “Low Intermediate English: Personal Growth & Well-Being” addresses the language of self-care and professional development.

You’ll explore how to communicate about health, stress management, and goal-setting, balancing personal well-being with career ambitions.

Each course utilizes Voxy, a dynamic platform that adjusts to your language level, ensuring personalized and effective learning.

The convenience of short, task-based lessons allows you to study on your own terms, fitting language growth into your busy schedule.

Essential English for Business Professionals Specialization

Essential English for Business Professionals Specialization

Each course in this specialization is tailored to specific aspects of business communication, ensuring you gain practical skills applicable to real-world scenarios.

In “English for Developing a Business,” you’ll expand your vocabulary around leadership and global business operations.

This course isn’t just about words; it’s about context—preparing you to engage in small talk, understand complex grammatical structures, and make comparisons that resonate in a business setting.

“English for Effective Business Communications” hones in on the synergy between different business departments.

You’ll delve into the specifics of human resources, management, and marketing, learning how to articulate complex ideas and balance professional and personal life.

The course also sharpens your grasp of the passive voice, recommendations, and numerical data—essential tools for clear business communication.

“English for Running a Successful Business” offers insights into entrepreneurship and sales, vital for anyone steering a business.

You’ll learn to navigate sales reports and understand the significance of project management and sustainability.

The course also focuses on modal and phrasal verbs, enhancing your ability to request clarification and communicate with precision.