Creating Business Value with Data and Looker Specialization

Creating Business Value with Data and Looker Specialization

Provider: Google Cloud

This set of courses is a direct path to mastering data innovation, analysis, and modeling.

Dive into “Innovating with Data and Google Cloud” to understand how data can revolutionize customer experiences.

You’ll explore Google Cloud’s data management solutions, learning to make data more accessible and actionable in your workplace.

With “Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Looker,” you’ll move beyond basic SQL to analyze and visualize data directly in Looker.

You’ll gain the ability to create dynamic metrics, design impactful visualizations, and share dashboards that inform data-driven decisions.

In “Developing Data Models with LookML,” you’ll get practical with LookML, building models that provide standardized data for business users.

You’ll learn to design custom Explores and manage data effectively using derived tables and caching policies.

These courses focus on key skills like data curation, cloud technology, and the specifics of Google Cloud, SQL, and Looker.

If you’re ready to harness the power of data and become proficient in Looker, this specialization is your ideal starting point.